The Art of a Healing Heart

I have gone back and forth a million times about whether I would post this blog post or not.. I feel like it's dangerous to get too personal; however, writing this helped me and when I went through my horrendous break up earlier this year, I was seeking out articles, by women, to see how... Continue Reading →

All the Little Things

"Be gentle to your precious little soul." For me, part of starting this blog, was having the opportunity to write about something that I'm passionate about. Whether one person read it or 100 people read it, I felt like I could express my love for others and hopefully help a single person through a tough... Continue Reading →

This One’s For the Girls

Well hello there! I'm so sorry that I have taken a little hiatus from writing, but I'm back now! Things just got a little crazy towards the end of summer and since we are heading into my favorite time of year, (October-December are the best months of the year, non-negotiable) I will be sure to... Continue Reading →

What Heartbreak Taught Me

I hope that this post can help anyone going through a heartbreak, begin the process of healing. This post is a difficult one to put out there, but it is one of the reasons I decided to start this blog; the hope that my experiences can help someone who is going through something similar. Having... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Things

Welcome!! I describe more about me in my "I am.." section if you are curious, but to kick off my first post, I've decided to share some of my favorite things! I thought this would be a good way to show you what kinds of things I like for you to get a sense of... Continue Reading →

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